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Welcome to my travel blog. Over the course of the next year (and beyond?) I will document my adventures in travel, design, self explauration, and cuisine! Have a blast explauren my page, photos, and posts!

Malaysia Marked 6 Months

Malaysia Marked 6 Months

I've officially reached a halfway mark in my world wide adventure. With 3 months of Europe and 3 months of asia collected in my handy dandy traveler's fanny pack, it feels like 6 years has passed!

In reality, it has only been 6 months... But a lot can happen in that amount of time! I've learned buckets and buckets of new things. I've gained at least 4 handfuls of spectacular experiences. I've lost things and found things... both good and bad. And most importantly, I've learned who and what are valuable in my life, what is worth worrying over, what is worth keeping, and what I miss the most since beginning my travels.


New Experiences: Recap

France - saw some incredibly famous works of art; and figured out a subway system for the first time; climbed the Eiffel Tower (over 700 steps up)

Croatia- jumped off cliff into the sea; went inside a blue cave on a boat; went olive oil tasting

Italy- ate the best lasagna of my life a few blocks away from the Colosseum; saw some more incredible art; ate the best gelato

Vatican City- Saw the Sistine Chapel... even though you couldn't breathe or move due to so many tourists; did not meet the Pope, unfortunately

Czech Republic-painted a mural in the snow; tried hot wine for the time

Austria- had a german feast for thanksgiving

Poland- experienced the discomforts of night trains and sleep deprivation, but also realized that it is NOTHING compared to what the victims of the Holocaust endured   

Portugal- first birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas outside the U.S; also painted my first full sized mural

Japan- Conveyor belt sushi; riding a bike as my main means of transportation (in the snow too); using a fancy robot toilet; first cat cafe experience

Thailand- first time riding (not driving) on a motorized scooter, ever

Cambodia- first place I went to outside of U.S. that takes U.S. currency; crossed a border on foot; visited Angkor Wat (one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world

Malaysia- climbing an actual cliff/small mountain; jumping into a real waterfall after an actual rainforest rainstorm

Singapore- saw a country in under 12 hours; Gardens by the Bay

Australia- first country I've explore and traveled to 100% alone; held an actual koala bear


New Found Things and Insight

  • I love not having to drive everywhere!

  • It's okay to be sad sometimes; feelings are okay

  • Everything works out in the end

  • You really do find out who your "people" are

  • languages are difficult, but you can communicate a lot through paying attention, reading body language, and using hand gestures.... (also google translate of course)

  • white sheer curtains make any apartment feel magical and homey

  • I need art or some kind of creative outlet to to maintain my happiness, inspiration, and well-being

  • it's okay if you can't do everything, see everything, or become everyone's best friend

  • it's okay to take a lot of naps ... resting is important ... but so is movement, exercise, and expression

  • I love coffee now ... it's one of my main food groups

  • stuff is stuff, and any product or device I lose or need is easily accessable in most cities, or it can be shipped

  • being flexible, forgiving, and friendly as often as I can makes life so much easier ... especially when practicing this on myself

  • obtained a bomb-ass jacket that was left behind on a subway and would have been thrown away and never returned to its owner if i hadn't rescued it (no I didn't "steal it" ... if you want the full story, just ask)


Things Lost and Let Go Of

  • many items of clothes, books, and unneeded extra weight

  • one carry-on suit case

  • love and friendships

  • 2 apartment keys in Japan

  • ... maybe some money in Thailand (sorry mom)

  • insignificant worries ... okay, well, I still worry but it doesn't last very long ;) - everything works out in the end

  • probably some other things too


What I Miss the Most from 'Merica

  • Mom, Sister and pets (especially Little Debbie)

  • My friends

  • Walk-ons large order of loaded cheese fries

  • Walgreens and Target

  • my bed

  • my art supplies

  • the festivals

  • Amazon

  • Hulu


Things I Wish I Knew or Had While Traveling

  • a million dollars... haha jk

  • VPN

  • Yoga towel/mat

  • collapsible Tupperware and water bottle

  • better adaptors, chargers, and wires for electronics


The Next 6 Months: Dondé va a estoy Lauren?

  • Argentina- Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Córdoba

  • Peru- Lima and hopefully Machu Picchu

  • Colombia- Bogotá and Medellín

  • Mexico- Mexico City

  • somewhere during and in between these places I will be finding more freelance work, learning Spanish, reading, finding dogs to pet, painting murals and other things, and probably some other cool stuff

  • Home-  U.S: Louisiana: Baton Rouge

    Stay tuned for some thoughts on my first month in Argentina!


Wildflowers in Thailand

Wildflowers in Thailand