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Welcome to my travel blog. Over the course of the next year (and beyond?) I will document my adventures in travel, design, self explauration, and cuisine! Have a blast explauren my page, photos, and posts!

43 Hours and 15 minutes in Paris

43 Hours and 15 minutes in Paris

At 11:55am on September 29th, I stepped foot for the first time in European soil. I took the initiative to start off my year long journey in Paris, France. Originally, I planned to take on Paris solo, but after sharing my plans with some fellow "remotes" (I had not met yet), we gathered a group of 6 of us to meet up before our arrival in Split, Croatia.



Here's what our adventures entailed:


Afternoon of Day 1

  • Find and check into our Airbnb in Malakoff, France.

  • Wander around the local area. Find a bakery. Eat a slice of quiche and pain au chocolat.

  • Find a tiny outdoor bar/cafe and toast to the new year ahead with some white wine.


Evening of Day 1:

  • Celebrate our super long day of travel and jet-lag with a fantastic night's sleep in our Airbnb.


Morning of Day 2

  • Wake up and tackle the Paris Metro system.

  • Literally get lost in Musee d'Orsay until the afternoon approaches and then go search for my friends that I had originally lost while gaping at Monet's, Van Gogh's, and Degas'.


Afternoon of Day 2

  • Walk to one of the many shopping areas in Paris and buy something from H&M.

  • Walk from the shops to view and get some necessary photos in front of Notre Dame.

  • Eat french onion soup for lunch in a little cafe across the street.

  • Take the metro to the Eiffel Tower.


Evening of Day 2

  • Wait over an hour and a half in line to climb 700 steps up to the middle viewing deck of the Eiffel Tower for an unforgettable view of Paris at night.

  • Climb down 700 steps back to ground level.

  • Hop back on the metro in an attempt to return to the Airbnb. 

  • Get off at the wrong stop, and then get lost in the streets of Malakoff until my friends and I have to get directions from a local at midnight.


Early Morning of Day 3

  • Take a two hour nap until I have to head to the airport for 5:00AM

  • Call an Uber to take me to the airport, and awkwardly try to have a conversation with the driver when neither of us speak each other's language.

  • Arrive at the Airport; check into my flight; check my bag; go through security....

  • Get sent BACK to check your carry-on bag for 70 Euro

  • Go back through security.

  • Grab 3 more croissants, hop on my flight, and mentally prepare myself to meet 40-50 more incredible people I will spend the next year with.


Tootles for now y'all! Look out for my next post on my first month explauren in Split, Croatia.

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