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This One Is for You, Alex

This One Is for You, Alex

I am 6,977 miles away from home but it feels like I am 6 trillion lightyears away. I am literally so far away from my childhood family right now, but, in a way, I feel like I am closer than ever. My heart is breaking from this tragedy, but it mostly breaks from the pain everyone is feeling from your absence. My heart is broken, but I am celebrating you. We are all celebrating you!

Alex, you are an incredible woman. You never had a negative thing to say about anyone or anything. Your passion for life was contagious. Your sense of wonder and exploration never ceased to amaze me. You were one of my first friends and first role models. I have ALWAYS looked up to you. Even though we grew apart after high school, our memories together never faded. 

It feels like it was just last week, that we were headed off to Camp Marydale with Gabby for sleep-away summer camp. From Girl Scouts to soccer practice to sleepovers to poolside playdates, the memories are endless.

Do you remember when we put on a full on circus event for your mom and dad? We had magic tricks, confetti, popcorn, ticket-stubs, and wild animals (Annie, your dog). The whole works. We were hilarious.

Do you remember that time you slept over at my house, and for one reason of another we were legitimately afraid that a giant pig was going to jump though my window and attack us? I don't know if we were crying from laughing so hard or from fear, but my mom was so angry for waking her up at 2:00am.

Do you remember every time we almost peed ourselves after filling out and reading MadLibs stories using words like "poop," "butt," and "toilet?" We were such clowns together.

Do you remember watching endless amounts of YouTube videos of Salad Fingers and Happy Tree Friends? It was literally last month that I noticed Happy Tree Friends was on Netflix now. I wanted to send you a message right then, but I never sent it. I definitely should have, but I think deep down you felt that connection. You knew I was thinking of you. Just like you know I'm thinking of you right now.

We may have grown apart, Alex, but you were a part of my life for over 13 years. We love you sweet girl. Keep an eye out for all of us up there. We will be celebrating you always.

I may be a trillion miles away from Baton Rouge right now, but my heart is with everyone in this difficult time. I hope none of you hesitate to reach out to me if you want to talk about this or just exchange memories of Alex.

Sending my love to y'all..... all the way from Japan.

Falling in Love in Lisbon

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